Portland-based apparel company Wildfang wasn't amused by Melania Trump's recent fashion statement, so it's pushed back with a jacket of its own.

On Thursday, during an official visit to migrant children being held at the U.S.-Mexico border, FLOTUS wore a trench coat with the words "I REALLY DON'T CARE. DO U?" printed boldly on the back.

Outrage over the sartorial decision quickly engulfed social media, with people wondering, mostly: What the hell was she thinking?

"Because," one Twitter user wrote, "'Let them eat cake' is so 18th century."

Wildfang offered its own response yesterday, making a jacket that reads "I REALLY CARE, DON'T U?"

"Soooo," the company's Instagram post read, "what if we made our own version of Melania's jacket and donated all the proceeds to RAICES Texas (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services)?"

According to Wildfang's CEO Emma McIlroy, customers "have gone bananas." She says the jacket sold out in one hour.

According to the company's Twitter, $15,000 in jacket sales have already been raised for RAICES Texas, with 100 percent of the profits currently going to the aid organization. McIllroy says new items with the same slogan have been re-stocked, and the company hopes to raise at least $35,000 more.

"This could not go unnoticed," McIlroy says of FLOTUS's tone-deaf sartorial choice. "We started with a limited edition run and it sold out, twice!"

She continues: "What's happened this week in our country is appalling. Our whole team is outraged and we refuse to stand by and watch. We stand proudly with immigrants and support their rights and RAICES does amazing things for these families."

The jacket, and a T-shirt bearing the same slogan can currently be purchased on Wildfang's website.