DeAngelo Raines


What does he make? Dope stuff happen.

Whenever someone asks DeAngelo Raines to define himself creatively, he always has to laugh.

"I don't feel it's possible to whittle it down to one thing," he says. "So I usually just use the phrase, 'I try to do dope deeds.'"

Indeed, that broad description covers several years of dopeness, stretching back to his high school days in Atlanta, where he won a mural contest and played Franklin Roosevelt in a school play, once improvising a scene in which he jumped out of his wheelchair and moonwalked across the stage.

Photo Taylor Taliulu / Stylist Caileigh Gale
Photo Taylor Taliulu / Stylist Caileigh Gale

He's been a musician, comic artist, set designer, art director, gallery owner and DJ. He's still all those things. But when he truly thinks about his niche in the Portland creative world, he says it's "creating space" for all those dope deeds to occur.

He's curated pop-up concerts put on by Pabst Blue Ribbon, helped create a virtual reality playland at Ground Kontrol for artist and video game designer Momo Pixel, and thrown his own art parties at Portland Night Market and the Service event space. As an event planner, Raines' history as a polymath means he's never dependent on anyone else to make things happen, whether that means designing fliers or operating a forklift.

"If I've got to get up there and DJ at my own party, I can do it. If I've got to fucking move shipping containers around and organize them, guess who can do it?" he says. "I can do all that stuff, and that's why I like to change it up every time. I'm sick of Portland being stagnant and stuck on one wave. I want shit just to always be spontaneous. There's no reason why we can't keep switching it up."