While just about every other local festival has been canceled or postponed indefinitely, Portland Hip-Hop Week is still happening: Organizers announced on social media that the event will take place Aug. 20-26.

Originally called Portland Hip-Hop Day, the event was created five years ago by late promoter StarChile as a celebration of the local hip-hop scene, and as a means to develop a loose partnership with the city, which faced scrutiny for overpolicing hip-hop shows.

Last year, the event underwent a major shift, transitioning from a one-day concert outside Portland City Hall to a whole week of events created by different organizers. The scope expanded, too—along with a long list of concerts, there were fashion pop-ups and fishing contests.

This year's iteration will follow a similar model, building its schedule through sanctioned events accrued from an open call. Except, of course, this year's events will be almost entirely virtual.

So far, the only announced events are long-running showcase Mic Check, which will stream live from the Crystal Ballroom, and an award ceremony honoring members of the local scene. But according to Portland Hip-Hop Week's Facebook page, the open call for Hip-Hop Week events will begin soon.