Are you looking for a potential career change that will let you hang out with nature? Do you have some sweet chainsaw skills that you finally want to put to good use? Maybe your passion is talking to people about trees and flowers?

Or, are you just broke and would be super stoked to have job that actually pays for your healthcare?

Well you're in luck. The U.S. Forest Service announced yesterday they'll be hiring folks to fill roughly 1,000 positions for seasonal jobs across Oregon and Washington—and as they're advertising prominently, all of those temporary jobs come with full benefits.

The government agency will be filling positions in varying fields including visitor services, recreation, timber, biology, forest management and recreation. Pay will range from $12 to $19 an hour and include health benefits.

These are technically temporary jobs but according to the Forest Service, they often lead to more permanent positions.

The interview process doesn't begin until February and the jobs won't start until late April at the earliest—but if you're interested, you'll need to get your resume together, like, right now.

The application period opens November 14 and ends on November 20 on