It's hard to be without the comforts of home while traveling. For one person passing through the Portland International Airport early this morning, the temptation to play video games on a big screen was too great.

At around 4:35 am, Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds says, airport workers confronted someone who was playing a video game on one of the airport monitors. The radio station KXL first reported the incident.

Simonds says the person took over an official airport screen that is used to display information, including a map of restrooms, shops and dining. She says another traveler likely alerted airport staff to the gamer.

"They're just regular monitors," Simonds says. "The individual was able to plug in some sort of cable to use the screen."

When airport operations staff located the person, Simonds says they "politely asked him to stop and he politely asked if he could finish his game and they politely said no."

"This was someone who did something they trying to get away with, and when asked to stop he stopped," Simonds says, adding, "If you're going to plug something in we ask you to use the outlets provided, we absolutely don't condone plugging into monitors used to share information with travelers."