Jody Stahancyk Files Motion to Disqualify Timothy Hutton: Updated

Says Mayoral Madness Frontrunner Doesn't Meet Residency Requirements

With the clock ticking down on WW's Mayoral Madness tournament, Jody Stahancyk has made a last-ditch, eleventh-hour ploy: She's asking that Timothy Hutton be disqualified.

Stahancyk, a divorce lawyer, has filed a motion with WW challenging Hutton's Oregon residency. She also questions whether the actor deserved to win his Ordinary People Oscar over Joe Pesci in Raging Bull.

"Defendant, Mr. Hutton, as a Malibu-born, New York-based actor is ineligible to serve as the pretend mayor of the great city of Portland," the motion reads. "Defendant is not an Oregon home or business owner....Defendant fails to meet the basic residency requirements of the State of Oregon, seeing as it is unlikely that he even knows the local definition of the term 'jo-jos.'"

Read the entire petition here.

Sources close to WW say the paper is expected to rule on the motion before the Mayoral Madness polls close at 8 pm. Cast your final ballot now!

UPDATE, 5 pm: After several minutes of consideration, WW has dismissed the complaint. "Timothy Hutton has met Mayoral Madness' flimsy standards," the editors stated. "Taking a cue from local elections officials, we rule that Hutton might have at some time expressed the intent to possibly, maybe live here, someday. Or not. But Hutton has met the burden of residency by filming a very popular television show and then probably winning this contest."

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