Baseball Lents
more details on the proposal to bring minor league baseball to Lents
Don Mazziotti
The Pacific Coast League requires that there be a minimum of 1500 parking spaces on-site or immediately adjacent. With the help the URS engineers we have a plan for 780 spaces around the stadium inside the park. The surface of the parking will be permeable “green brick,” with grass growing between the bricks and can be used for many park uses – like art fairs, ice cream socials, dance contests and the like. The remainder of the parking will be at Marshall High School (sharing revenue with them), on the Tri-Met Park & Ride Lot, ODOT surplus land and a few other locations. Neighborhood streets around the park will not be used for parking. We also expect there to be the need for traffic management, signalization and other improvements based on a plan which will be developed with the neighborhood and Portland Bureau of Transportation.
Based on preliminary studies, we think the total footprint of the facility, including parking, is about 14 acres out of a 38-acre park. The current stadium uses about 5 acres. We think 30-40 mature trees will be lost, but they will be replaced as possible. No heritage trees are expected to be lost. The Gazebo will be relocated to just south of the parking lot on the eastern portion of the park. A large semi-circular grass berm will be built as the border to the outfield where people can be seated – these are great for family picnics while watching an event.
the cost of replacing land at Lents Park would be $2 million.
possibly as much as $18.4 million to $28.9 million.