Five Fall Strains for This Year’s Croptober Season

The red of the changing leaves looks so similar to the fiery orange hairs of a potent cultivar.

Cannabis buds (Alyssa Walker)

The indoor cannabis industry more or less harvests year round, but there’s something special about discovering a new-to-you strain as the summer turns the corner into autumn.

It’s a Pacific Northwest tradition to collectively retreat into overcast evergreen mist—by hikes or by tokes. With the abundance of Croptober delights this season, there are plenty of strains to help with the latter.

Whatever makes autumn deliciously stoney for you can only be enhanced with the addition of one, or all, of these equinox-intensifying strains. So, let’s cozy up, bliss out and send some thankful vibes to all our local craft farmers for another legendary Oregon harvest season. Pumpkin spice suggested but not required.

Jungle Cake

This cross of White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake is a heavy-hitting hybrid with intense onset and effects that range from upbeat and euphoric to manageably relaxed and mellow. That responsiveness is part of what makes Jungle Cake so attractive to such a wide swath of users. The hybrid seems to take notes from a user’s resting state to dictate the course of the high, rather than sweeping the user away in a haze of potent psychotropia. This phenotype has a medium-high THC percentage of around 20, and should be used with caution by those with lower tolerance. Expect a funky perfume with crispy notes of pine and citrus, then a rich, dank exhale.

Get it from: Pur Roots, 5816 NE Portland Highway, 971-865-5176.

Kush Mints

Bred from a cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, Kush Mints retains many of its parents’ most attractive features, namely Animal Mints’ titillating body high and Bubba Kush’s tender, soothing head high. Often cultivated as either a balanced hybrid or a hybrid with heavier indica genetics, this strain typically leaves users with creative clarity, effervescent energy, and stifled internal chatter, resulting in highs that are fulfilling for a wide scope of consumers. Those who prefer a relaxing strain that still delivers a potent high will appreciate the balance Kush Mints delivers, but even varsity stoners should prepare for the potential couchlock. Expect an earthy nose with surprisingly brisk notes of spearmint, then a spicy sweet exhale with a lingering suggestion of mint.

Get it from: Lemonade, 6218 NE Columbia Blvd., 971-279-2337,

Pink Rozay

Pink Rozay is a straightforward indica strain bred by Cookies and named for its delicate rosy hue and equally sweet flavors. In case you’re not persuaded to give this strain a shot based solely on the fact that it’s pink (what?!), users also report swooning indica highs that deliver magic carpet-level cerebral effects and a sedative tingle that both uplifts and tranquilizes. Frankly, they had me at pink weed, but your enthusiasm for novelty may vary. Expect a nutty, earthy perfume with loud notes of strawberries and spring blossoms, then a grassy mélange flavor of berries and tart fruit.

Get it from: Cookies, 16102 NE Halsey St., 503-764-9863,


Glueberry is an expertly balanced hybrid with genetics borrowed from Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush. Users report highs that seem to walk the line between zippy sativa and sweet, soothing indica, without bleeding too far in one direction tor the other. In that regard, Glueberry can be an attractive cultivar for users whose cannabis preferences lean toward creative fuel or bedtime medicine. The onset arrives in a dizzying swoon before mellowing into its final form, which hums at the same frequency as the user, regardless of astral position. Expect an offensive diesel fragrance bolstered by softer notes of wet wood and sharp pine, then a tart, pucker-inducing exhale.

Get it from: Mongoose Cannabis Co., 3123 SE Belmont St., 541-933-8032,

Jelly Rancher

Though Jelly Rancher is a hybrid cultivar, it’s effects are widely regarded as deeply indica-esque. Users praise the strain as being at once thoroughly therapeutic—easing aches and pains, quelling stress, kick-starting appetites—and roller coaster-level recreational that delivers giggly, euphoric highs that evaporate into improved moods. Of all of Jelly Ranchers’ reported effects, however, munchies get first prize, so when preparing for a parlay with this strain, make sure the cupboards are stocked accordingly. Expect a botanical perfume with a candy sweet finish, a skunky mouthfeel and a lingering aftertaste of overripe berries.

Get it from: Brothers Cannabis, 3609 SE Division St., 503-894-8001,

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Five Fall Strains for This Year’s Croptober Season

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