Six Rotating Dinner Boxes and Meal Kits You Can Order—If You Act Fast Enough

Quick trigger finger required.

Eem to You

The most talked-about Portland restaurant of the past year had a few false starts getting into the takeout game, but the Thai barbecue Voltron of Earl Ninsom, Matt Vicedomini and Eric Nelson seems to have gotten things dialed in now, with a new reservation system that ensures their weekly pre-orders won't sell out in seconds. Don't get too confident, though. This is still Eem we're talking about. As soon as those curry dinners go on sale, 2,500 people will clamor to get their hands on it—seriously, that's how many orders they say have been trying to get through each week—so a quick trigger finger is still required. Prices vary, order at

Bullard Take–Home Dinners

Top Chef made Doug Adams a celebrity, but until Bullard's opening in 2018, his ability to conceive a credible menu and run a restaurant of his own awaited proof. Well, here it is. While the dining room is shut down, Adams is serving daily family-style meals fit for the Flintstones: car-tilting beef ribs, pulled pork sandwiches with both mac and potato salad and smoked chicken with carrot cake for dessert. Prices vary, order at

Renata’s Meal Kits

Some might argue exactly where it falls on the hierarchy of Portland's most prominent Italian spots, but make no mistake—Renata is among the best the city has, and its take-home meal kits give you the opportunity to take a stab at re-creating some of its best menu items in your own home, including a choice of pizzas and pastas, plus the chicken Parm and antipasti. There's also housemade focaccia, but don't worry—that comes already baked. Prices vary, order at

Bar King

One of Portland's buzziest new restaurants opened and closed within the same week, but Bar King didn't throw in the dishrag. Chef Shaun King has adapted his Asian-inspired, Momofuku-trained cooking to the takeout model, but that doesn't mean he's going small and simple. The rotating menu has so far included racks of spicy pork ribs, Korean fried chicken and Spanish-style octopus, plus stews served in big enough quantities to freeze and $25 brunch boxes on the weekend. Prices vary, order at

Local Ocean’s DockBox

Even for people who've started devoting hours to the art of meal prep while in lockdown, cooking seafood may still seem intimidating or unnecessarily messy. The DockBox tries to make it easy for the reluctant home chef—even the chopping is done for you. The Newport seafood favorite drives the boxes to the B-Line warehouse at the Redd at Southeast 8th Avenue and Salmon Street every Wednesday for pickup, giving valley-dwellers a chance to make everything from the restaurant's famous stews to its crab cakes right in their kitchen. Prices vary, order at

Nodoguro’s Bento Box

Nodoguro is one of Portland's most refined dining experiences—a hardcore sushi bar with rotating 15-course meals thoughtfully devised and artfully plated by chef and co-owner Ryan Roadhouse. Over the past three weeks, Roadhouse has compressed Nodoguro's omakase model into bento-style take-home dinners, with onigiri, sashimi and miso soup. Selections change weekly depending on availability of ingredients, but the quality remains at the level diners have come to expect. $65 at

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