Alpenrose Will Now Deliver Everything From Renata Pizza to Blue Star Doughnuts in Addition to Its Dairy Products

The latest trend of 2020? Reembracing the milkman.

(Emily Joan Greene)

This year, we learned to love drive-in movies again. Now it seems the milkman will be making a comeback.

One slightly bizarre effect of the pandemic is the revival of more than a few mid-20th century trends, including the return of car culture. The latest practice that's getting a second life? Relying on the local dairy to bring fresh milk and eggs right to your doorstep—only this time it can fulfill a much longer grocery list.

Alpenrose, the Portland-based, century-plus-old dairy, launched its own delivery network this summer in response to the pandemic. The service was an instant hit. In less than three months, thousands of people signed up to receive half-gallons of milk and cartons of cottage cheese on their front stoops.

Now, it's started offering items from local restaurants, including handmade pizzas from Renata and Blue Star's signature doughnuts. Partnering with other food purveyors was a way to expand its customer base while supporting those businesses that have struggled during the global health crisis.

Alpenrose will soon bring on Portland breakfast restaurant Gravy—and yes, that means you'll only have to travel from couch to door to get your hands on owner Mark Greco's much-loved French toast. His dishes aren't yet on the website because he's been working on the menu with Oregon State University's Food Innovation Center.

Specifically, Greco's been relying on Sarah Masoni—director of product and process development and the Portland lab, who's been dubbed the woman "with the million-dollar palate"—to help him formulate and package his products so they get from kitchen to customer in the best shape possible.

Gravy won't be the only new restaurant teaming up with Alpenrose. The dairy is actively recruiting more businesses for its delivery service.

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