We're eating ice cream every day for 31 days and we're almost there! Today we visit a reader suggestion...

Breakfast Lunch Today
1313 NE Alberta St. Facebook.

Price per scoop: $3
Most popular flavor: OK, I forgot to ask AGAIN. I'm going to guess that whatever the special is is probably the most popular, just because it's displayed more prominently. I'm just guessing, though.
The person in front of me: Some giggly ladies who didn't appear to be purchasing anything. Overwhelmed by the heat, perhaps?
Best for: Feeding a family of four; chocoholics. 

You may remember that way back on day nine of Scoops' out for Summer, we went all the way to Milwaukie to eat frozen custard and make fun of Philadelphia under the misapprehension that this was the only place to do such things. 

But following the write-up, we received a tweet from Alberta Street food cart Breakfast Lunch Today, informing us that it also sells frozen custard.

As it happened, I was walking up Alberta Street on some sweltering day last week with my sister after eating a particularly large brunch, when I spotted the cart in question, and forced her to join me in more eating. "It's for journalism," I insisted. 

If we were hot, the poor dude in the BLT cart must have been turning into a  giant piece of human crackling. Despite the blah name, everything about this cart—the muffalettas and po'boys on the menu, the fleurs-de-lis painted on the outside, the Cafe Du Monde coffee-tin tip jar, the gentleman's accent—suggested a New Orleans theme. Frozen custard is not something I'd readily associate with NOLA, but thank some sort of deity it's on the menu (for both us and him), because this was not the weather for shrimp pie or beignets. 

There was two standard flavors of frozen custard (fro-cu?) on offer—vanilla and chocolate—plus a special of chocolate mint. Or maybe mint chocolate. I didn't write it down. But that's what we ordered.

$3 got us a coffee cup full of crazy thick, rich custard. It had the texture and density of double chocolate chip frozen cookie dough, with little chocolate chips and flecks of fresh mint throughout. I'm no frozen custard expert, but this was delicious. Unfortunately, it was also so dense and rich for such a hot day, that we could only manage about half the cup between the two of us. 

My sister winced as I threw it away, both of us aware that our mother would have had something to say about starving children and Africa. "It was for journalism," I reminded her.

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