The 40th iteration of the Portland International Film Festival brought 164 flicks— that’s 98 features and 66 shorts— to Portland audiences from all over the world. Each of this year’s 35,000 attendees got to vote on their favorite films, everything from Bosnian Hotel dramas to Greek doctors gone wild to Kenyan supernatural thrillers.
Here are your winners of the PIFF XL Audience Awards. Keep an eye out for these winners on streaming services and Portland’s indie theaters over the coming months.
2. Land of Mine (Denmark/Germany), dir. Martin Zandvliet.
3. Heidi (Germany/Switzerland/South Africa) dir. Alain Gsponer.
4. The Invisible Guest (Spain), dir. Oriol Paulo.

Best Documentary Feature:
1. I Am Not Your Negro (US/France/Belgium/Switzerland) dir. Raoul Peck.
2. Obit / US / dir. Vanessa Gould.
3. Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (US), dir. Steve James.
4. Buzz One Four (US), dir. Matt McCormick.

Best First Feature:
1. My Life as a Zucchini (Switzerland/France), dir. Claude Barras.
2. Alive & Kicking (US/Sweden), dir. Susan Glatzer.
3. The World of Us (South Korea), dir. Ga-Eun Yoon.
4. The Land of the Enlightened (Belgium/Ireland/Netherlands), dir. Pieter-Jan De Pue.

Best Animated Feature:
1. My Life as a Zucchini (Switzerland/France), dir. Claude Barras.
2. Louise by the Shore (France), dir. Jean-François Laguionie.
3. Window Horses (Canada), dir. Ann Marie Fleming.
4. Revengeance (United States), dir. Bill Plympton, Jim Lujan.

Best Short Film:
1. Incendio (Portland, OR), dir. Slater Dixon.
2. Thanks for Dancing (Norway), dir. Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken.
3. Paniek! (Netherlands), dir. Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink.
4. One, Two Tree (Switzerland/France), dir. Yulia Aronova.

Best Oregon Short Film:
1. Incendio (Portland, OR), dir. Slater Dixon.
2. The Child and the Dead (Portland, OR), dir. Karina & Marc Ripper.
3. Kuwepo (Portland, OR), dir. Jan Haaken.
4. Your Move (Portland, OR), dir. Rollyn Stafford.

Best of Masters sidebar:
The Olive Tree (Spain/Germany), dir. Icíar Bollaín.

Best of PIFF After Dark sidebar:
The Invisible Guest (Spain), dir. Oriol Paulo.

Best of Ways of Seeing sidebar:
The Dreamed Ones (Germany/Austria), dir. Ruth Beckermann.

Best of Films for Families sidebar:
Heidi  (Germany/Switzerland/South Africa), dir. Alain Gsponer.

Best of Global Panorama sidebar:
Train Driver's Diary (Serbia/Croatia), dir. Milos Radovic.