Times that Portland rapper Aminé's track "Caroline" was streamed on Spotify.

50 Shades of Ambience

Title of the album Portland streamed on Spotify most disproportionately to the rest of the country. It's an album of white noise meant as a sleep aid, featuring such tracks as "Large Industrial Air Conditioner," "Rainy Parking Lot" and "White Noise Wahwah," which was also the most disproportionately played track in Portland.


Title of the most-popular album at Multnomah County Library. Adele's third album was checked out 894 times.


Cost of the most expensive record sold at Jackpot Records, an original copy of There's a New Dawn, the 1970 album by Oregon psych relic the New Dawn. Only 500 were pressed.


Total attendees of MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst, making it the largest music festival in Portland.


Copies of David Bowie's swan song, Blackstar, that Music Millennium sold, making it the store's best-selling album—474 were on CD, the rest on vinyl.