We're only a few week away from MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst! As the festival gets closer, we'll be introducing you to each of the 18 acts on the lineup, one at a time.


WHO: Fatimah Warner

SOUNDS LIKE: Slam poetry set to after-hours jazz at Chicago's best underground lounge.

FOR FANS OF: Erykah Badu, Chance The Rapper, Outkast, Solange

LATEST RELEASE: 2016's timely, cathartic and silky smooth Telefone.

WHY YOU CARE: Ms. Warner launched into the musical fore a few years back after appearing on Chance the Rapper's sophomore mixtape. The Windy City native's stop-on-a-dime lyricism is among the best around, lapping most of her hip-hop peers after just a few stanzas. Sophisticated and thorough, Noname dissects social complexities with jazzy grace, injecting astute and often playful social commentary into classic R&B sounds. Noname's gift as an emcee harkens to the era when studio Band-Aids weren't around to veil average ability. The list of prominent names eager to collaborate with the speedy rapper is ever-growing—see her recent work with Thundercat, Mick Jenkins and many more.

SEE IT: Noname plays MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on Sunday, Aug. 27.

MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst is Aug. 26-27 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Get tickets here.