Seven Cool Things About MusicfestNW Presents Project Pabst That Aren’t Music

There will be beer—but also games, free haircuts and one giant unicorn.

(Daniel Cole)

Sure, Project Pabst has a pretty rad lineup planned. But there's a lot of space between the two stages, and they need to be filled with something. Here are seven awesome distractions that'll be at Waterfront Park for those moments you want to give your ears a rest and put some of your other senses to use.

Pabst Wax

Finally record that fire mixtape…er, 7-inch in Pabst's makeshift recording studio. Literally anyone can run inside and make his or her very own vinyl record, which gets cut right then and there. Talent is no barrier! Want to make animal noises while strumming a guitar with your feet? Go for it! Hey, that's how Iggy Pop started, and look at him now!


All year, Pabst has been collecting PBRinspired art for its Blue Ribbon Art Contest. It culminates here, with the winners painting a mural on a pair of stacked storage containers and small wall. Sure, it won't hang in the Louvre, but it'll have a good shot at the Yamhill Pub restroom


Also known as "the building with air conditioning," this year's pop-up arcade is curated by Rose City Games and has everything to fulfill your gaming needs, from pinball, classic machines and even virtual-reality platforms. Go get your game on, nerds.

Haircuts at American Crew

Don't trim that mop just yet! American Crew is hosting a pop-up barbershop—complete with black-and-white checkered floors, framed pictures on the wall and traditional barber chairs—and the haircuts are completely free. With any luck, White Reaper will be jamming too loud for the barbers to make annoying small talk, either.

Giant Unicorn

Forget those other festival mascots, like the Sasquatch Sasquatch or Coachella's Drunk Kylie Jenner in a Native American Headdress—Project Pabst's spirit animal is a goddamn giant unicorn. Towering 20 feet above Waterfront Park, she'll be all over the 'Gram this weekend.


Project Pabst's food options form the greatest cart pod in Portland history. Ate-Oh-Ate offers Hawaiian cuisine, Boke Bowl will fill your ramen craving, and Chicken and Guns…oh Lord, Chicken and Guns! Bunk and PDX Sliders will make their return, along with So Cold Shave Ice's revered snow cones.

Beer, Beer, Beer

It's called Project Pabst for a reason. But the $3 tallboys are just the start. There will also be $5 cans of Portland Sangria and a new product called Mountain Ale, from the same company that brought us Not Your Father's Root Beer, that is rumored to taste like Mountain Dew. Get your buzz on—to the extreme!

MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst is Aug. 26-27 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Get tickets here.

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