Even though he's left his hometown for major-label fame in L.A., no one can argue that Aminé has left Portland behind. The rapper's made repping his hometown as much a part of his career as whimsical trap beats and goofy music videos.

Today, the Portland-born rapper dropped yet another Portland-centric music video, this time for "Woodlawn," the newest single off his sophomore album, Limbo, which serves as a tribute to the Northeast Portland neighborhood where he grew up.

This time, the video is partly set on the Woodlawn Park basketball court, where the rapper dances with Portlanders clad in Limbo face masks. There are also shots of the Benson High grad sitting on a couch surrounded by Portland Trail Blazers merch, flexing his Rip City tattoo and rapping in front of the Broadway Bridge. He even managed to sneak in a copy of WW's most recent Finder magazine, which has Portland rapper Mic Capes on the cover:

"Woodlawn" is the second Portland-set music video Aminé has dropped this year. Released back in February, the video for "Limbo" features Aminé dancing on the roof of the Convention Center and jet boating down the Willamette. Check it out below: