The loss prevention manager at the Gateway Shopping Center Fred Meyer was convicted of stealing almost $230,000 from self-checkout machines.

As the store's loss prevention manager, 37-year-old Emily Tallman was the person tasked with investigation thefts.

But prosecutors presented evidence that Tallman used her employee badge to enter the store outside of normal business hours, pull up to the machines with cart and use a clipboard to obscure security camera views with she took out money.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Sean Hughey, who prosecuted this case, said in court today that Tallman "was the person that [Fred Meyer] had tasked with looking into these thefts," and that regional loss prevention managers started looking into the issue after Tallman reported she didn't know why the machines were coming up short.

Hughey said the company soon realized: "Our store's loss prevention manager is the one stealing the money."

A jury found Tallman guilty of 14 counts of theft in the first degree and seven counts of aggravated theft in the first degree.

Fred Meyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.