Oregon kids and parents are preparing for distance learning this fall, with few signs that a return to classrooms is imminent.

In the past two weeks, the most high-profile symbols of student life—high school and college football—surrendered to the pandemic, with the Oregon School Activities Association and the Pac-12 both delaying their fall sports seasons until spring.

But a few kids may be allowed to return to class.

The Oregon Department of Education released new school guidelines Aug. 11 that will allow in-person classes for students with disabilities, English language learners, and students in career technical education even as the pandemic continues.

The new guidelines also allow small districts and schools located in rural areas more latitude to open fully, by working with their local public health authority.

"We all want to get our students back in school as quickly as possible," said Gov. Kate Brown. "What's so key, though, is we all work to make sure our children and teachers and staff are safe."