People who visited the state's busiest state park, Yaquina Bay Recreation Site in Newport, in 2015. Parks officials say attendance is up slightly this year, but numbers aren't final.


People who passed through Oregon while thru-hiking the 2,659-mile Pacific Crest Trail. That's up from 156 in 2011, the year before Cheryl Strayed's memoir Wild came out, and down 51 from last year.

July 13

The busiest day for cyclists on the Hawthorne Bridge, with 6,928 people biking across it. In total, cyclists used the bridge 1,178,209 times this year. That's down from 1,668,232 in 2015, when the car-free Tilikum Crossing opened.

July 14

The busiest biking day on Tilikum Crossing, when 3,800 people rode across it. In total, cyclists used Tilikum 681,462 times, up from 199,151 last year, when it opened in September.


Trips taken on Portland's new bike-share system, BikeTown, since it launched in July. The service has 41,469 users as of mid-December.


Average number of days it takes a person injured by a car to obtain an incident report from the Portland Police Bureau. That number more than doubled this year.


Car crashes per hour in Portland on Dec. 14 and 15, during 2 inches of snowfall.


Retail price of Nike's self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 running shoes.


Price of a pair of Nike Zoom LeBron IV "Fruity Pebbles," the most expensive pair of sneakers sold at IndexPDX.


Drop in the value of Nike stock in 2016, as of Dec. 19.


Increase in the value of Adidas stock in 2016, as of Dec. 19.


Pounds of solid waste generated per capita in the Portland metro area. That's down 20 percent from the highs a decade ago. A little more than half gets recycled.


Annual cost of feeding the animals at the Oregon Zoo.


Tons of hay purchased by the Oregon Zoo in 2016.


Pounds of fish purchased by the Oregon Zoo, including 12,000 pounds of shellfish, just for the otters.


Pounds of cantaloupe and honeydew melons purchased by the Oregon Zoo.


Pounds of strawberries produced in Oregon, down from 15 million in 2015.


Pairs of self-lacing Nike Mag boots, which are based on the shoes Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part II, that were made in a limited release. A bidder in Hong Kong paid approximately $104,000 for one pair at auction Oct. 11.