As In-N-Out Burger inches ever closer to Portland and Shake Shack plans to open up in the heart of downtown, it may feel like we're being colonized by interloping hamburger chains. But now, a locally born franchise has announced its own expansion, introducing much of the Western region to some of the city's favorite stacks of seared patties.

Killer Burger is plotting its growth by adding shops along the I-5 corridor, from Southern Oregon to the U.S.-Canadian border. That will be followed by outposts in adjacent markets, like Boise, Reno and Denver.

"We've built the concept for the long haul," Killer Burger CEO and founder TJ Southard stated in a press release. "Staying patient with our growth has meant prioritizing profitability for our franchisees with the most distinguishable burger brand in the country."

There are currently 13 Killer Burger locations in Oregon and Washington. This expansion would quadruple the decade-old company's presence over the next five years.

Ambitious growth during a pandemic that's crippled the restaurant industry may seem risky, but Southard says the company continues to be profitable.

Killer Burger also managed to adapt quickly following the COVID-19 closures by changing store layouts and heavily investing in an online ordering system to allow people to conveniently and safely satisfy their Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger cravings while stuck at home.

The new Killer Burger restaurants will stay true to the original mission: ensuring no burger ends up on a plate alone, because all orders come with bacon and fries.