This Is No Time To Try—Here's Your Guide to the Ultimate Chill Summer in Portland

We are all so, so ready for some chill time.

(Rachael Renee Levasseur)

It's finally summer in Portland, and we need a nap.

These past few weeks of warm, sunny days have made us want to slide into a hammock with a cold radler and some good old-fashioned analog books.

Maybe it was the brutal winter, or the toxic orange sludge that seeped into the White House, or the city's recent civil war over brunch burritos—but we are so, so ready for some chill time.

In years past, we've tended to fill our annual Summer Guide with epic adventures. We've hiked the entire Wildwood Trail in one day, learned to windsurf, climbed Mount St. Helens and suffered an existential crisis while butchering a rabbit. We drove all over the metro area sampling tacos, ribs and hot dogs.

This year, that seemed like way too much work. So we made a guide aimed at enjoying these fleeting, rain-free months without sweating it too much.

That starts with floating the glacier-fed waters of the Sandy or cannonballing off the cliffs of the Clackamas. Spoiler alert: Our writer didn't get very far on his tube, and we don't even care.

We also love hiking. But we're weary of battling the traffic to Forest Park or making the long haul to Mount Hood.

So, instead, we sent a writer to find the best trails in East County—there are some great ones.

For many, summer means riding a roller coaster. But riding real roller coasters takes a lot of time and money. So we treated Enchanted Forest, outside Salem, as our own budget-brand Disneyland. You know what? It's fine! It has totally serviceable imitations of all your favorite classic Disney rides.

These past few summers have been on the sticky side, and we've taken to spending a lot of time in neighborhood movie theaters. So we sent a pair of writers out to rate the best ones based on a variety of factors, including the quality of their popcorn and the comfort of their seats.

Sometimes, the best way to spend an afternoon is grilling out. We hit up every butcher shop in town to determine the best rib-eye through a blind taste-off. Turns out, the best one is cheap and easy to find.

As always, we wrap up this package with our Super Calendar, our must-read list of awesome events happening every day between now and Labor Day.

We'll see you out at those events. Or maybe not—it'll depend on how we feel after kicking back with a beer and a book.

This Is No Time To Try—Here's Your Guide to the Ultimate Chill Summer in Portland

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