6018 NE St. Johns Road, Suite D, Vancouver, 360-841-7505, theherberynw.com. 8 am-11 pm daily.
The best thing about this branch of Jim Mullen’s three-shop chain? If you plan your route correctly, doughnuts from Donut Nook are on the way to buy herb, and a latte from Aly’s Coffee Coop is on the way back home to blaze, making a trip to Vancouver nearly painless. The showroom is packed to the brim with flower, concentrate, edibles, drinkables, topicals and glass. The product assortment is jaw-dropping in its breadth. The bro-heavy staff are quick to offer assistance—so long as you already know exactly what you want, or don’t particularly care what you end up with. On two separate visits, budtenders gave incorrect information, mistaking a hybrid for an indica and a sativa for a hybrid. Considering the shop is always bumping, a little misinformation probably isn’t hurting them. For selection and price, the Herbery is tough to beat; even employees of other recreational spots have mentioned shopping here for their personal stash.