Poquito Nacho, Conquistador

(Megan Nanna)
(Megan Nanna)

The chips are fresh-made in-house, and so is the guac and the salsa. It shows. This nacho is both monstrous and monstrously good—the best classic bar nacho in Portland.

Pork Cracklin Nacho, Burnside Brewing

$5 from 3-5 pm daily.

This is a fine innovation in nacho: cracklins with cotija, pickled onions and fresno peppers. It's like a taco gone crazy.

Frito Pie, the Fixin' To

$5 from 3-6 pm weekdays

The Fixin' To's frito pie is a southern-fried take on the nacho:a mound of corn-chips covered in vegetarian chili, rotel cheese and a wealth of veg and sour cream.

(Henry Cromett)
(Henry Cromett)

Totcho, Bar XV

$6 from 4-7 pm or 10pm-2 am daily.

Totcho is a portmanteau of "tot" and "nacho" and it is brilliant and sloppy—like hashbrowns gone crazy with sauce.

Wonton Nacho, Expatriate

$12 from 5-6 pm or after 10 pm daily.

It ain't cheap, but it's a sublime nacho experience of wonton chips, thai chili cheese sauce, kaffir-lime-salsa and lemongrass beef—crunchy, savory, spicy, salty and sweet all at once.

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