Top 5 Happy Hour Burgers Under $5

Welcome to fat-kid paradise—for adults.

Double-Brie Stack

$5 during early and late happy-hours at Little Bird

(Megan Nanna) (Megan Nanna)

This is the $5 happy-hour burger that makes other $5 burgers sad when they dream—two patties drenched in melted brie on a fluffy bun. It is fat-kid paradise for adults.

Hoisin-Sichuan Burger

$5 Wednesdays at Tryst.

Tryst photo by Henry Cromett

It's $7 at happy hour, but this splendid Asian-inflected, fatty, buttery grass-fed burger is somehow only $5 on Wednesday.

Slow Burger Jr.

$5 during happy hour at Slow Bar.

This is not the classic Slow Burger, though it's on that same seasoned grill—but instead one with kale and kimchee for a refreshing sinus blast.

No-Dice Burger

$5 from 4-7 pm at Pop Tavern.

Pop Tavern (Henry Crommet)

This already excellent $5 pub burger has a secret weapon: Alongside cheddar and blue cheese you get an option on white cheddar curds.

Foster Burger

$5 during happy hour at Foster Burger

On its namesake street, this burger is no-frills except the special "Foster sauce"—just lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle. And it is good that way.


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