Sicilian Fig Pastry at Pearl Bakery

A lot of things at Pearl are worth mourning—other contenders include the cornmeal pound cake, the gibassier and the PB&J—but the one we're really crying over is its fancy version of the original Greek-Italian inspiration for Fig Newtons, which it called a "pastry" but is very much a cookie.

Fried Kale at Wares and Smallwares

History says Johanna Ware's fried kale with candied bacon, mint and fish sauce vinaigrette might live again. But with both Wares in the Zipper and Smallwares 2.0 closing in 2019, we're in salty-sweet, crispy-porky cruciferous withdrawal for now.

Chicken-Fried Trout at Little Bird

It was Southern. And Northwestern. And French. And Thai. It was an elegant and reasonably healthy entree that was also finger food—and drinking food. Hopefully, either owner Gabriel Rucker or original chef Erik Van Kley will claim custody on future menus at their still-extant properties.

Pimento Double Cheeseburger at Trifecta Tavern

Before Trifecta, the high-end Portland restaurant burger was generally huge and classy, topped with fancy cheese and exotic condiments. Ken Forkish made it thin and deliciously trashy, with a housemade brioche bun that could actually stand up to the drippings. Cutting it in half was never a perfect option, but how else were you supposed to also order ham and hot rolls, oysters or a bread plate?