Marijuana Paradise
9663 SW Barbur Blvd., 503-206-7462,

This island-themed dispensary on Barbur has surfboards out front and a menu that's deep with concentrates, topicals and edibles. It also has some great deals, like a gram of shatter made from Sour Diesel (65.9 percent THC) for just $26.40 and some very inexpensive eighths of Scoobie and Gorilla Glue, priced at just $14.40 recreational.

6440 SE Division St., 503-805-2871.

Budlandia is located on outer Division, next to Burgerville and a multiplex theater, so you can make a night of it. It offers deals for every day of the week except Friday.  Deals range from 10 to 25 percent off and include some really nice specials on flower, like $5 grams on Monday, and up to 25 percent off of topicals on Tuesday, edibles on Wednesday and vape cartridges on Thursday.

Tru Cannabis
801 NE Broadway, 503-288-5454,

(Courtesy of Tru Cannabis)
(Courtesy of Tru Cannabis)

This cool little shop offers lovely wooden counters, glass cases and a friendly, approachable staff. The flower on hand is beautiful, and you can examine it up close with a magnifying glass through well-lit, wide-mouth jars. The shop always has a budget-friendly stash of $99 ounces, $20 eighths and $5 pre-rolls.

10929 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-477-5685,

Chris Schaaf (Cait Pearson)
Chris Schaaf (Cait Pearson)

This white house on Sandy carries a huge range of flower, from organic sun-grown to inexpensive indoor. Grams change weekly and are on tiers between $5 and $15. Half-gram oil cartridges start at $22.50.

Progressive Collective
9810 E Burnside St., 503-444-7792,

Photo: Leafly
Photo: Leafly

People trust Progressive Collective for solid genetics and well-maintained starter plants, so its selection of $30 clones varies from day to day. There's always a range of affordable to top-shelf strains, from $11 to $13 grams of top-notch indoor flower from Nelson & Company Organics and Groen Farm to $100 ounces of Super Skunk from Green Acres farms. The pre-roll selection includes $4, $6 and $8 options and steals like a gram of 76.7 percent THC Dab Society BHO for $27.60.

2637 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-444-7538,

(Daniel Cole)
(Daniel Cole)

If you're seeking a gentle touch when shopping for weed, check out Bloom. Not only is the vibe calm and the retail experience relaxed, but the budtenders specialize in honesty. Bloom also runs some excellent sales. Right now, a four-strain, 4-gram sampler pack goes for $18, including tax, and a quarter of Willy's Trainwreck is $22, including tax.

1234 NE 102nd Ave., 503-384-2959,

Trees is one of the only dispensaries in Portland where you don't have to wait in a sterilized waiting room before you buy. Celebrate this fresh breath of deregulation with daily pre-roll deals ranging from $5 to $8.

Oregon Valley Cannabis
5230 SE 52nd Ave., 503-206-8634,

(Ian Whitmore)
(Ian Whitmore)

One of the most neighborhoody dispensaries in the city not only sells you coloring books and 24-packs of colored pencils but also has a deal every single day of the week. Our favorites? On Mondays, you can get $4 grams, and on Tuesdays, select pre-rolls are $2.

Medical Patient Deals

Customers with a medical card don't have to pay tax at dispensaries, but some shops go the extra mile to show appreciation for those with serious medical symptoms treated by cannabis.

2331 SW 6th Ave., 971-255-1758,

This small shop near PSU carries heavy hitters like Resin Ranchers flower and Smokiez's range of fruit-flavored gummy edibles. Patients can look forward to 15 percent off flower every time.

916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-206-4357,

(Farma, Thomas Teal)
(Farma, Thomas Teal)

Portland's showcase dispensary was founded with medical benefits in mind, and patients still move to the front of the line when they check in. Ten percent off everything in the shop from 10 to 11 am on weekdays for those with a card, and you'll never pay more than $12 a gram for any of the top-shelf flower.

Oregon's Finest
916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 736 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd;

(Oregon’s FInest, Thomas Teal)
(Oregon’s FInest, Thomas Teal)

Both locations of this powerhouse brand offer medical patients 20 percent off most of their enormous variety of products any time of day. That includes items like SoFresh flower and the new cartridge "pods" from Pax.