Powell’s Shuts Down the City of Books Through the End of the Month

Movie Madness and Laurelhurst Theater have also announced temporary closures.

One of the city's most iconic businesses is joining the ranks of Portland stores and restaurants that have voluntarily closed in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Powell's has announced it will shutter all five of its Portland-area locations, including the downtown City of Books, through March 31, effective immediately. Its online store will remain open for the time being:

Other Portland businesses are taking similar measures.

Movie Madness, the Southeast Belmont video rental store and movie museum and "miniplex." has also announced it will close through April 8. Customers with outstanding rentals can return items at dropboxes around the city:

Laurelhurst Theater has also temporarily closed. It has not announced a tentative reopen date.

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