Thanks to the digital age, the immense political and social changes in our world have never been more visible. With the constant barrage of information, it's natural at times to want to disengage from the issues. But that's the last thing we should be doing right now.

It's easy to post about the issues you care about — and that simple act is important in its own right. But real change takes more than just an Instagram story. It means showing up, in real life, at a protest. It means taking 15 minutes out of your day, in real life, to vote in your local elections. It means making a donation, in real life, to a nonprofit that's working to address issues you care about. Our city needs more people — saints, if you will — who are willing to get off their phones and make a difference, now more than ever.

Don't get us wrong. We know that one protest, one ballot, or one $10 donation can feel lost in the enormity of today's issues and needs. But keep this in mind: When you compound each individual act with those of your friends and family — and their friends and family, and so on — real, lasting change occurs.

In the spirit of solidarity, G!G sat down with five influential Portlanders to discuss how they #ShowUpIRL to make a difference in times like these.

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