Announcing: the Inaugural Class of PitchFestNW 2016!

At TechFestNW's first annual pitching competition, 50 startups compete for prizes, money and more!

The results are in: TechFestNW's first annual PitchFestNW pitching competition has an inaugural class! Over the last few weeks, more than 100 startups from across the United States, Canada and Europe applied for the opportunity to pitch their companies to panels of angel investors, venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs at TechFestNW 2016. The selection process was arduous, but our team of experts narrowed the field down to 50 promising startups, each of which will be presenting their companies on April 25 and 26 for the chance to win cash, investor access and more. TechFestNW proudly presents the PitchFestNW 2016 competitors (in no particular order). Congratulations!

Privacy Sentry: Camas, WA

A company whose goal is to "provide tools that reveal the hidden activities of mobile devices, give you control over your private information, and ultimately allows you to dictate the terms of data sharing," Privacy Sentry provides privacy protection products for all of the 3 Billion smartphone users whose private information is being mined continuously and secretly with a set of products built using patented technology.

Recentia Health: Portland, OR

Recentia Health addresses the core problems of today's medical business model: the loss of the patient-physician relationship and physicians' loss of financial independence, by building a secure health records bank containing each patient's lifetime medical records.

Antenna: Portland, OR

Both a mobile-first content and product engagement platform and a new approach to the fast-growing content recommendation space, Antenna's tool lets people tap on content and tap a second time to leave a reaction to it.

Collexion: Portland, OR

Collexion's social search engine makes it easier for collectors to find millions of items for sale across the $150 billion collectibles market, and features a social network that enable collectors to share and learn from others in their community.

KnKt'd Behavioral Health: Salem, OR

A complete rethinking of the behavioral health system, the KnKt'd Behavioral Health platform connects anyone and everyone struggling with behavioral health issues with providers through a mobile app, website and cloud database. The connected system allows anyone to connect with providers and resources on a daily basis, and allows providers to access critical data that can be used to improve treatment.

A Social Ignition: Portland, OR

A Social Ignition is a workforce accelerator that creates entrepreneurial and business programs for current and former prison inmates, teaching them the relational requirements for success that are left out of traditional preparatory courses for most individuals and change makers.

Qcut: Portland, OR

It would take 400 different sizes for a store to offer a pair of jeans that would fit every woman. With a proprietary fit algorithm created by former Levi's employees, Qcut uses personal information to manufacture jeans specifically built for the individual. Visit them at their pop up store at 1103 SW Alder through May 31.

Beloola: San Francisco, CA

Beloola is the first fully web-based immersive social platform to connect like-minded people. Beloola lets users, brands and companies create thier own 3D space thanks to an intuitive online builder tool inspired from Minecraft/The Sims, and populate it with any content from the Web, such as Youtube videos, Instagram pictures and 360° contents.

Onboard Dynamics: Bend, OR

Onboard Dynamics wants to solve a major obstacle in using natural gas as a transportation fuel by creating a revolutionary natural gas compression capability in automotive engines, enabling natural gas vehicles to refuel from the existing low pressure natural gas grid infrastructure: a system with over 70 million points of supply available in the US.

Kimera Systems: Portland, OR

Kimera Systems has developed the first Hypothesis Artificial Intelligence- an artificial intelligence that comprehends/understands what it learns- and intend to use this technology to automate connected devices, enabling devices to proactively find, personalize and surface the right software and content without using app stores, social networks or middleman aggregation services.

Cartogram: Kirkland, WA

Cartogram is a mobile software and venue technology company which provides indoor location services for businesses. Cartogram offers indoor map creation, map content maintenance and management, venue technology management, beacon management, targeted digital signage advertising, indoor positioning, indoor analytics and a powerful indoor search engine featuring product search at over 300 retailers nationwide.

Chroma: Portland, OR

Chroma is the developer of, a blockchain-powered stock market for privately held companies. Chroma's platform allows early stage companies to legally raise money from the general public, private and impact funds, create new kinds of financial products and allows financial institutions to host their own secondary markets for private investors.

IT Aire: Portland, OR

With a mission to "shift the data center industry away from antiquated DX technology to a new generation of more efficient and sustainable IT Aire technology," IT Aire has invented, patented and brought to market revolutionary data center cooling systems and methods that drastically reduce data center operating costs via energy savings of up to 78.5%.

Formafit: Portland, OR

Combining 3D fabric molding and ultrasonics, Formafit is a machine that uses automated process for apparel manufacturing to make clothing without direct human intervention in a 45 second cycle. Formafit's goal is for their technology to revitalize the domestic apparel manufacturing industry and on-shore clothing production.

Bandwango: Salt Lake City, UT

Bandwango's cloud-based software empowers destination marketing organizations to create and manage digital visitor passes, providing them with a tool to seamlessly create and manage customized digital destination passes that can provide travelers with streamlined access to in-destination attractions, conventions and special events.

StandTall Desks: Portland, OR

Founded by three Catlin Gabel high school students, StandTall is a startup that builds light, affordable, space-efficient standing desk additions for classrooms. We build standing desk additions out of metal and acrylic that are both effective and cost-efficient, and get them implemented in classrooms by marketing to facilities directors and principals. Our desks are designed by students, made for students. StandTall is reinventing the classroom, one desk at a time.

Womb: Portland, OR

Womb has built a preparation, support and return to work system for new parents, working with expert level healthcare providers who provide education and care by video and house call. Womb combines team based healthcare with modern technology to offer your people across the US a superior experience and healthier outcomes during pregnancy and through the first six months of a baby's life.

Shorepower Technologies: Hillsboro, OR

Shorepower Technologies builds, deploy and operates plug-in stations, or energy vending machines that allow vehicles and refrigerated trailers to conveniently access power while parked or staged. Shorepower Technologies' stations save fleets and drivers thousands per year on diesel fuel while significantly reducing associated toxic emissions and greenhouse gases.

BitLume: Bellvue, WA

BitLume is an interactive, HD live stream platform for schools, leagues and pro sports organization to publish, distribute and monetize high quality live stream of the competitive games they organize. Parents, friends, family and ardent sports fan now have the option to subscribe and watch favorite local and international sports.

Eber: Portland, OR

In our generation, we have been able to request a ride, food, even romantic companions with a push of a button with the likes of popular apps such as Uber and Tinder. Eber is taking the most frustrating and time-consuming, yet absolutely necessary component of our lives: health, and making it as accessible by letting users find and request health professionals at the touch of an icon.

VeloPro: Portland, OR

VeloPro launched the world's first dynamic adaptive training system for cyclists. The advanced, subscription-based software allows users to input their training data and goals and have load-based training plans built just for them, with a system that dynamically adjusts future workouts and loads to keep them on track.

Tradiv: San Diego, CA

Tradiv is the cannabis industry's largest online wholesale marketplace, connecting dispensaries, cultivators, and Marijuana infused product retailers engaged in buying and selling wholesale cannabis products online. Tradiv utilizes cloud based supply-chain management tools help retailers simplify order fulfillment.

TripGrid: Portland, OR

TripGrid is a web and mobile application that marries productivity tools and travel planning to employ the productivity and personality aspects of products like Trello and Slack within a beautiful, yet simple three feature platform. TripGrid enables users to plot their journey and see travel product and service offerings along the route and uses a management grid that allows users to bring in data, organize within small 'cards', collaborate and book trips.

Audibility: Portland, OR

Audibility's mission is "to give the every day listener a better, more personal sound experience." They do this by creating personalized, custom-molded headphones and by donating a portion of revenue to people in need of hearing aids for every pair sold.

MathLeap: Portland, OR

MathLeap is a web application that STEM teachers use to create self-grading assignments. Unlike other programs, MathLeap provides a specialized math editor that students use to show their work right in the browser. Our smart grading engine instantly analyzes student work to provide granular, personalized feedback, which also means no more grading for teachers. That feedback helps students understand and learn from their mistakes.

Postcentive: Seattle, WA

Postcentive allows brands to find posts about them on Instagram, filter the posts using all of the language from the post and display these highly customized feeds to their website, Facebook, and Twitter. We provide click frequency and demographic information on the posts, so the most engaging posts can be re-promoted in the areas where they will perform the best.

LiGo by Limefly: Seattle, WA

LiGo creates smart badges for events that react to attendees, enabling matchmaking, lead retrieval and track in-event analytics in real time. LiGo allows users to program their interests into their smart badges, which will alert them any time another user with similar interests is nearby. Check LiGo's screen choices describing your interests. At a recreation industry conference you might want to meet someone interested in skiing or sailing. At a trade show you have a great idea for a new product and you want to meet potential investors. LiGo is programmed to offer you a selection appropriate for the event you are attending.

Fitlandia: Portland, OR

Fitlandia is an online fitness platform featuring Mind Zoning™, nutrition, exercise, access to expert practitioners and community connection to reject the old ways of dieting and change lives starting from the mind out. Fitlandia provides people with a process to shift their mental patterns, behaviors, and attitudes around food and exercise, letting them leave behind old habits and free themselves from dieting for good.

Brightwork: Portland, OR

Brightwork is an API Developer tool that allows developers to switch between APIs with no code or redeployment. Developers can also stand up a complete API in minutes with BrightStacks. At its core, Brightwork is built to make it easier to see information about an API such as performance, usage data, cost projections and the ability to switch APIs on the fly with no code necessary.

SQWAD: Portland, OR

SQWAD is an interactive real-time mobile game that empowers fans to compete against professional athletes and friends when watching sports. Fans can change players live at any time throughout the game, engaging in the action as it happens. SQWAD is more engaging, simpler, and less risky than current fantasy platforms, connecting the power of avid sports fans with the influence of pro-athletes to create a more immersive sports viewing experience.

Poda Foods: Portland, OR

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Poda Foods raises and processes crickets into protein powder to be used by food entrepreneurs and restaurants making delicious cricket-based products. Our healthy, happy, GMO-free crickets produce a high-quality powder guaranteed to make your goodies protein and nutrient-rich.

MoreBots: Portland, OR

Designed to take traditional printed books to a higher level, MoreBots pairs educational books for children with an app that lets them explore content in more detail. MoreBots helps kids learn by adding a new level of excitement, engagement, empowerment and education to their books.

Workfrom: Portland, OR

Workfrom is the insider's guide to the best coffee shops, cafes, bars and shared spaces to get work done across the planet. Workfrom helps people looking for a place to work discover hidden gems and otherwise hard to find workspaces, providing users with information like access to WiFi speeds and access to power outlets before you set out looking for a place to work, and allows users to help others by recommending friendly work spaces.

ScoutSavvy: Portland, OR

ScoutSavvy creates anti-bias recruiting software to help supercharge diversity recruiting efforts by taking a holistic approach to talent and job matching. By using a program that doesn't just rely on numbers and algorithms, ScoutSavvy has created a new paradigm for recruiting that better helps companies build products for a globalized world.

cognitiveVR: Vancouver, Canada

CognitiveVR is a powerful VR analytics platform that delivers enterprise grade data analytics and insights to anyone building a VR product, experience, movie, tool and anything in between. Our technology is hardware agnostic, developer friendly, and easy to configure, with open APIs that mean less time onboarding and more time building your virtual reality products. Vancouver, Canada

A program tool for creative professionals, revolutionizes app and game production by putting content creators at the center of the development experience, allowing game designers and screenwriters to create without programming.

Miadi Solutions: Eugene, OR

Miadi Solutions' Kazi app lies at the nexus of the new – a robust and innovative digital platform – and the old – a weekly social jog, group walks and pick-up games in the park. With Kazi, you can create activities with defined criteria to find activity groups catered to you, and earn rewards while you participate, create and share activities.

Nature Commode: Portland, OR

The porta-potty, dreaded by many, endured by all, has been a begrudged staple of event planning, until now. Revolutionizing event sanitation, Nature Commode delivers a radically unique offering: a sustainable, chemical free portable toilet wrapped in environmentally friendly housing. With an objective to provide a natural alternative to conventional portable toilets, Nature Commode's toilets are devoid of toxic odors, providing users a natural experience while making the world a better place.

AdyLix: Hillsboro, OR

AdyLix is an geo-spatial discovery platform that helps users sell their clothing and shop online. Shopping online has no live browsing capability where users can check the items with their own eyes. Approaching people in the street to ask about their outfits is awkward. With AdyLix, users can register an outfit they wish to sell by marking it as discoverable, allowing others to view items that are nearby, view information about the clothing, "like" the style and purchase.

Vonsor: Portland, OR

Vonsor is a platform that connects big brands to their most talented video-making customers, providing the exchange of genuine, relevant, branded content for discounts, gear and special access. Vonsor lets your most passionate customers create and publish original content about your brand and receive recognition and rewards for their work.

Fidgets2Widgets: Eugene, OR

Fidgets2Widgets is a STEM focused after school enrichment program that fuels children's innate curiosity with inspiring curriculum and cutting edge technology. Designed for kids ages 8-14, Fidgets2Widgets brings joy and balance to learning, enhancing brain development through exercise as well as teaching 21st century skills for the digital age. This unique environment transforms the learning experience and enhances both in school and out of school time.

DADO Labs: Portland, OR

DADO is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that accelerates brands into the Internet of Things (IoT) economy. We provide hardware, software, and integration support to connect brands to their users in a dynamic and personal way. DADO enables advanced monitoring, control, user input and wireless connectivity to your appliance through our beautifully designed smartphone and tablet applications, allowing users to create custom recipes and menus, save favorites and monitor usage.

TOUGHER: Corvallis, OR

TOUGHER is a new brand of women's workwear for the field, backyard and shop. Our customers are women in professional trades such as agriculture, construction, forestry and field scientists along with dedicated at-home Makers, Growers, and Builders. Our mission at TOUGHER is simple: Great workwear. Made for women.

Spite House: Seattle, WA

An indie game development and creative studio, Spite House makes assets, cuts Kickstarter videos and produce promo trailers for indie developers that they believe in. Spite House are masters of game development, concept development, original music and sound design, character art and illustration, story and worldbuilding, 2D animation and promotional production of trailers and crowdfunding videos.

Red Truck: Portland, OR

Red Truck connects enthusiasts with the athletic gear they love. We are building a marketplace for athletic gear to be sold, bought and traded among passionate communities, including professional athletes. Red Truck creates the marketplace to continue that journey with a platform that is shared, communicated and connected and ensures fair pricing with a patented algorithm that tracks the value of athletic gear throughout its life.

Transflection: Portland, OR

Transflection are quickly growing advertising exchange by utilizing commercial real estate windows as a delivery platform for aesthetic digital marketing to pedestrians. By bringing together Transflection those who have empty or underutilized street level windows and those who have advertising need, Transflection is filling millions of underutilized commercial building windows with digital screens for on-demand advertising.

Sphaera: Portland, OR

Sphaera is a social enterprise dedicated to putting the best solutions into the hands of people working on the frontlines of change. We sell the ability to curate, convene, and catalyze groups of solutions and practitioners around particular themes and geographies to private foundations, large NGOs, and others. Sphaera is bringing the peer economy to the social change industry.

Linquet: Vancouver, Canada

Linquet is a smart cloud-based solution which can protect your valuables, no matter where you are, by attaching tiny Linquet devices to your valuables- be it your keys, wallet or pet- and connecting them to your phone via the Linquet app. When either valuables or phones are left behind, Linquet will alert users with an alarm to prevent them from losing or misplacing their things. Linquet lets users alarm any "linqed" item from their app and smartly and securely share their valuables with other people.

The Campfire Union: Winnipeg, Canada

The Campfire Union are experts in virtual reality and web application development. The Campfire Union builds connected, cutting-edge experiences like the Scout 360° VR publishing platform, Lost Cities VR game and multiplayer Tower Crane VR training app, and also offers a full range of virtual reality app development services.

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