Last week, WW ran a story about the inner workings of the state’s largest COVID-19 vaccination site, at the Oregon Convention Center (“Big Shots,” April 28, 2021). The Convention Center hosts around 1,100 Oregonians an hour, and has already vaccinated more than 250,000 people. WW’s report detailed every step of the operation, from the crowded parking garage to the “wayfinders” who help people find their way through the waiting line to the diners at a nearby Denny’s celebrating their shots. Here’s what our readers had to say:

Will Petio, via “Got my shot there yesterday. Concur with the article—very well-run operation by people with good, helpful attitudes. Good to see an example of public planning work so well, especially since they seem to be using people from so many different employers (I encountered National Guard and FEMA among others).”

Xander Almeida, via Facebook: “Can confirm. Got both shots there and I was shocked by the speed of the line, how efficient it was, and touched by the kindness and care of the nurses. And shocked because this is being run by the government of Oregon and I’ve been to the DMV and had to deal with the Oregon Employment Department. Honestly well done on this one thing.”

thedeadtext, via “The one in Corvallis at Reser Stadium was equally amazing. Took more time to park and walk in than get checked in and jabbed.”

Cathleen Huggins-Manseau, via Facebook: “I was there a total of six times. Two visits each with my mom, my aunt and finally for myself. Every time went perfectly smooth and all of the volunteers were absolutely wonderful. Kudos for making this an easy experience.”

@r_octavia_a, via Twitter: “Maybe mention that indoor dining is NOT safe immediately after getting your vaccine; it takes two weeks after your second dose for it to be fully effective.”

CGS, via “I’m usually in the mode of being critical of government, but I was really, really impressed by the operation at the Convention Center. Not just the logistics, but also the demeanor and helpfulness of all the personnel there.”

@maryaebly, via Twitter: “I’m 71. I’m glad I was in shape. It was 1.2 miles of walking to do this. They put me in supplemental parking. I walked by hundreds of empty spots. You walk through this extremely long maze that seemed uselessly long. If you have physical challenges, don’t go there.”

Cindy Weaver Schaufenbuel, via Facebook: “I got my second shot there last Sunday. Learned my lesson from the parking garage mayhem the first time and took the MAX the second time. Perfect.”

Wesley Mahan, via Facebook: “Wonderful story. Wonderful operation. Humans CAN do things well, given the tools and a positive attitude and a belief in medical science. (Mind you, it’s also a good idea to ignore the conspiracy nutters who like to ruin everything!)”

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