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Mope Grooves Declined to Be Interviewed, But the Band Still Has Something To Say

"Disband now.”

8/9/10. Mope Grooves

SOUNDS LIKE: Hard-won joy celebrated through jagged guitars and starry xylophone interludes.

Last summer, Mope Grooves released their fourth album, Desire. It’s driving, percussive music in the vein of the Raincoats, but it’s also imbued with whimsy and a sincere sense of beauty. The band declined to be interviewed for a profile, issuing the following statement:

"Abolition will not be successful until the Willamette Week is either commandeered by Black and Indigenous revolutionaries or dissolved along with all the monuments, rituals and institutions that reproduce white civic life. Their editorial mishandling of sexual assault cases, support for technocrats, and prevaricating on anti-fascism is unforgivable. Disband now."

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