Where to Get Food Late at Night in Portland

Where to get munchie meals.

(Original Hot Cake House, Emily Joan Greene)

Devil's Dill
1711 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-236-8067, devilsdill.com. Pickup till 3 am.

Mouth dry? Stomach empty? You desperately need a giant, delicious sandwich at like 2:30 am on a Sunday? Arguably, this hoagie spot is the best meal available in this city at that hour. It'll take delivery orders until 2:30 am for a hefty five-spice pulled pork No. 1 ($9.50) or let you slide in at the bar next door and wash it down with booze.

Hammy's Pizza
2114 SE Clinton St., 503-235-1035, hammyspizza.com. Delivers till 4 am daily.

Hammy's is the cure for every munchie—a 4 am delivery pizza that will put your obsessive rumination to use on slow-proofed, thick and tangy crust, fresh meat and daily-made sauce.


Javier's Taco Shop
121 N Lombard St., 503-286-3186. Open 24 hours.

Do not go to Javier's sober for burritos. Do not go un-high for a chimichanga. You won't appreciate it. Ride here stoned in a Lyft at 4:30 am, and feel weird in front of police officers and EMTs who are always here with you, eating meat with…many textures.

(The Roxy, Christopher Onstott)

The Roxy
1121 SW Stark St., 503-223-9160, theroxydiner.com. Open 24 hours, but it don't like Mondays.

The Roxy is the only thing in Portland seemingly immune to the ravages of time, with DayGlo-yellow gravy, omelets thick as thighs and tables full of teens conceived on Molly who also take Molly. Long may it ruin the digestion of the drunk and high.

(Original Hot Cake House, Emily Joan Greene)

Original Hotcake House
1002 SE Powell Blvd., 503-236-7402, hotcakehouse.com. Open 24 hours.

The pancakes and seasoned-griddle omelettes at the all-night Hotcake House don't scratch an itch—they smother it in carbs and fat and turn you into the world's happiest paperweight.

(Sizzle Pie, Joe Riedl)

Sizzle Pie
624 E Burnside St. and elsewhere, 503-234-7437, sizzlepie.com. Till 3 am school nights, 4 am Friday-Saturday.

Vegan? High? Well, welcome to heaven. Sizzle Pie will bring you vegan things that taste and look like pizza, until 4 am on weekends, right to your door.

(Lonesome’s Pizza, Vivian Johnson)

Lonesome's Pizza
1 SW 3rd Ave, 503-234-0114, lonesomespizza.com. Till 3 am daily.

The menu looks psychedelic and so do the owners and so do the insides of the pizza boxes, larded with art. Order the No. 26—the vingt-seize, in French—with soppressata and banana peppers. There is no other pie, and it'll come to your house til 3 am.


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