A Consumer’s Guide to Cannabis Consumption

Think of this as a tasting menu. There’s no wrong way to order.

Smoking pot is so over.

Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. A Bic and a nug are still going to get the job done for most people. But more and more in Oregon, old-fashioned toking up is starting to look like just that: old-fashioned.

As Oregon's cannabis industry has matured, so, too, have its consumers. Users are getting savvier—not just about what they want from a high, but how to achieve it.

Increasingly, that's meant smoking less and ingesting more. Or vaporizing. Or simply letting it soak into your skin.

Sales data shows that alternative forms of consumption—such as edibles, extracts and topicals—are chipping away at flower's retail dominance. For that reason, we decided to dedicate our fall pot issue to all the other ways people across the state are indulging.

We put together an introductory guide to locally made edibles, from bite-sized candies to "cannabucha," so you know not just what to eat but, crucially, how much. We also spoke to one of Portland's most in-demand cannabis caterers, whose sophisticated recipes are raising the bar on stoner cuisine—we even got her to share one with us.

Of course, not everyone who uses cannabis is looking for a head trip. Non-intoxicating CBD products are everywhere these days, from pet stores to coffee shops. So we talked to local veterinarians about using cannabidiol to treat canine anxiety, and spent a full day guzzling CBD-infused drinks at bars and restaurants all over town. In addition, we rounded up some of the best topicals on the market, including muscle-relaxing bath salts, rejuvenating face masks and "sexytime oil."

Others are looking to take their high to another, dizzying level. High-potency concentrates are booming in popularity, so we asked an expert about what novices need to know before dabbling in dabs.

Think of this as a tasting menu. There's no wrong way to order. It's just about finding what's right for you. Read this issue, then hit up your nearest dispensary and treat yourself.

A Consumer's Guide to Cannabis Consumption

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