Should You Give Your Dog CBD? We Asked Portland Veterinarians.

The scientific research is still extremely hazy on dogs and cannabidiol.

(The Ross Dog Park, Abby Gordon)

Fido is nervous. Maybe it's the backfiring cars along your street, or the unreasonably territorial cat you picked up from the no-kill shelter. Whatever the reason, your pupper has the willies. And you've heard the answer is CBD dog treats.

But what will your veterinarian say? The scientific research is still extremely hazy on dogs and cannabidiol, even as several local companies—including MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets—begin marketing CBD treatments for your pooch. We asked two Portland vets: Is this such a good idea? They offered distinct but complementary diagnoses. (And both warned never to give a canine any other cannabis products, especially THC edibles.)

(Elise Furlan)

Answer 1: Dose the little doggos.

Veterinarian: Dr. Cornelia Wagner, Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic

WW: Is CBD a good idea for dogs?

Wagner: Anything that is an inflammatory process in the body could benefit from CBD. A lot of it is arthritis and things like that. They're more active, they're less stiff—less anxiety. They're acting like when they were younger. It doesn't do much for major anxiety. It helps with mild anxiety—if they're bored, or for car rides.

What could go wrong?

CBD can interfere with other drugs affecting the nervous system. It can make the pets too sedated. Generally, CBD alone, you can't overdose on that. It would just make the pet really sleepy. [But] the dosage can be cost prohibitive, especially with larger dogs. The dosage is by body weight, just like any drug in pets. If you have a 100-pound St. Bernard, it can get really expensive.

Answer 2: It's like chicken soup.

Veterinarian: Dr. Sophie Petersen, VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists

WW: Is CBD a good idea for dogs?

Petersen: There's really no data to support that view, and I don't really have an opinion. I personally haven't seen a case where it is doing any harm. I haven't seen any problems arise from giving CBD oil to pets, or any clear benefits either. I have to see some more research on it. It's completely unregulated as of right now. There aren't any reputable research studies on it.

What could go wrong?

Like I said, I have never seen any issues arise from patients giving the oil to their dogs. It's not something regulated, so it depends on the source—where people are getting it from.

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