Chill Patio Spots Where You Can Smoke Tobacco, But Not Cannabis

For tobacco use only.

(Stein Haus, Henry Cromett)

Billy Ray's Dive
2216 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-287-7254.

This dank, cash-only dive has a single bartender on staff and an excellent back patio opening out onto a gravel lot—an outside oasis on an otherwise bleak stretch of MLK.

21st Ave Bar & Grill Patio (21st Ave site)

21st Avenue Bar & Grill
721 NW 21st Ave., 503-222-4121,

This hard-luck dive was recently bought by new owners, but its hidey-hole of an Edenic rear garden remains. Get a pitcher. Stay awhile. Get jazzed. Smoke a cigarette.

2366 SE 82nd Ave., 503-954-1797,

You say patio; we say smoking porch. Steinhaus is like Roscoe's country cousin, but with a focus on German brews such as a smoky Aecht Schlenkerla or seasonal Ayinger. The covered patio is a beauty, like one of those tucked-away beer gardens that dot Bavarian cities.

(Skyline Tavern, Thomas Teal)

Skyline Tavern
8031 NW Skyline Blvd., 503-286-4788,

At Portland's most beautiful intra-city retreat of a bar, our 2016 Bar of the Year, with rolling hills and no neighbors and and lots of pleasant nooks, there are signs asking you not to smoke weed. We wouldn't tell you different.

(Edgefield, Emily Joan Greene)

McMenamins Edgefield
2126 SW Halsey St., Troutdale, 503-669-8610,

The entirety of the vast Edgefield estate is a booze-friendly zone, where you're free to wander off onto the lawn with a fine pint, a fine-tobacco-containing rollie dangling from your lips.


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