Six Great Edibles We’re Stoked on Right Now

Eat your lettuce.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Mirth Provisions' "Legal" Tonic

Available in doses of 10 to 80 milligrams, Mirth Provisions’ “Legal” sparkling tonic is a veritable  dose of sunshine in a bottle. Flavors include Rainier cherry,
lemon ginger, pomegranate and cranberry, and the flavor varieties are matched to strains, including indica, sativa CBD and hybrid. The coffee mocha is the most delicious, providing an invigorating mental buzz and creativity that’s perfect for functional stoners.
(Thomas Teal)

Elbe's Edibles Cake Balls

These are, in fact, your grandma’s edibles. Made lovingly with cannabutter and fresh cake batter, these tiny spheres of goodness come in lemon, chai, chocolate and triple-peanut-butter flavors. At only 15 milligrams a pop, one cake ball makes for the perfect snack-sized, giggle-fit-inspiring dose. The only con?
A pack of three will run you about $48, so you’ll want to take your time savoring each one.
(Thomas Teal)

Leif Goods Chocolate Bars

Leif Goods doesn’t just make weed chocolate bars—they take chocolate and elevate it into an art form. In addition to the candy being preservative-free, responsibly sourced and fair trade, the cannabis is also locally sourced. Flavors include a CBD double chocolate bar, mocha crunch and chai latte. The bars are scored in 10 pieces for “easy dosing.”
(Thomas Teal)

GEMM Farms CBD Agave Stix

The beauty of these agave sticks is in their distinct lack of potency. Containing a cozy 5 milligrams of CBD each, these sticks provide relief from anxiety, sleeplessness and a host of other medical ailments, making them extremely useful for days where another four hours of work seems like an eternity. Stir into any warm beverage and sip nirvana.
(Thomas Teal)

Drip Ice Cream

One of these all-natural, GMO-free  ice cream cups will make your shitty  Craigslist mattress feel like the inside of a sultan’s harem. There are four  flavors (cookies and cream, lavender honey, salted caramel and coconut lemon zest) available as a regular dose of 15 milligrams or an extra-strength  75 milligrams. The ice cream takes effect  faster than standard edibles, and provides an uplifting mood boost tingling  on the edge of euphoria for only  $15 per pint.
(Thomas Teal)

GRÖN Chocolate Bars

Brainchild of former architect Christine Smith, Grön Chocolate has rapidly grown to be the default bar in most Portland dispensaries. With 10 different flavors ($20-$28 each), including vegan, organic and fair frade options, Grön probably makes a bar you’ll love. (We are partial to the Dark Chocolate Toffee Bar.) Each one is scored into 10 4.32-mg pieces—a perfect “choose your own adventure.”

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