Cannabliss & Co

The original shop, on Southeast 7th Avenue, occupies an old fire station.

1917 SE 7th Ave., 503-719-4338; 2231 W Burnside St., 971-279-5570, 10 am-9 pm daily.

The Cannabliss empire includes multiple locations in Portland and Eugene. The company made its name in the Oregon cannabis scene by selecting unique spaces and consistently maintaining a count of at least 20 strains. The original shop, on Southeast 7th Avenue, occupies an old fire station—the fireman's pole is located between reception and the bud room—while the westside spot is next to a pizza shop and Providence Park. Both are brimming with dozens of strains from farms like probiotic indoor growers High Noon Cultivation of Clackamas and massive Southern Oregon greenhouse/sun-grown producer OreKron. Fifteen bucks will get you a gram of their finest high-THC flower, or a 15-mg Not Your Granny's hard candy and prerolled joint of Black Lime Reserve.


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