5522 SE Foster Road, 503-444-7433, fosterbuds.com. 8 am-10 pm daily.

Portland has had something of a crunch on concentrates in the past year. In June 2016, distillated cannabis finally became legal for recreational consumers. Quickly, oil pens started flying off shelves. Then, new testing regulations went into effect, increasing overhead and driving some producers under. That's been a bummer, especially for medical patients who've seen the price of their CBD concentrates double. Well, no-frills Foster Buds is a throwback to the short-lived glory days of cheap, plentiful oil and wax. This humble shop along busy Southeast Foster Road has a huge selection, with everything from the microdosing Quill to high-end Who? oil and boutique, hemp-derived CBD cartridges from Zephyr farms. It's also priced very, very competitively and boasts a wide selection of flower, including a huge assortment of blue strains.