45 NE 122nd Ave., 503-252-9088, theherbalistfarmer.com, 9 am-9 pm daily.

Serving since 2011, Herbalist Farmer has grown into a complete pot bazaar. You'd be remiss not to check out its somewhat limited supply of top-shelf bud, browse its selection of glass or take a look at the current $15 deal on an eighth. But if you go there for one thing only, make it the $25 grams of concentrate, which come in a cornucopia of varieties with a special focus on Sirius Extracts. Especially go for the sativa-dominant Gouda. It'll be the best-tasting shatter you've had in a while, and at that price you might as well grab a couple. Pro tip: Make sure to bring your plastic exit Baggie. They're sticklers about it, and it will save you a dollar.