1937 NE Pacific St., 503-232-1716, homegrownapothecary.com. 11 am-8 pm daily.

For those using cannabis in a more holistic health-and-wellness plan, there’s Home Grown Apothecary. Located in a quaint bungalow and paired with a fully stocked apothecary, Home Grown is a health-first shop. That said, it’s also a cannabis destination: Everything on its shelves is organically grown on its own farm. These were all outdoor grows during my visit, but Home Grown also produces a limited quantity of indoor that occasionally makes its way to the recreational market. Catering to the upcoming throngs of backyard, seasonal growers, Home Grown offers onsite clone options, as well as a list of pre-order genetics, should you want to get an early start planning this summer’s outdoor grow.Homegrown-Apothacary_Daniel-Cole_2 Homegrown-Apothacary_Daniel-Cole_3 Homegrown-Apothacary_Daniel-Cole_4