5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., 971-407-3208, kaleafa.com. 9 am-10 pm daily.

Every wildlife documentary set in the desert eventually leads to a watering hole where zebras and lions and hippos and gators converge, risking one another’s presence to drink from the life-sustaining flow of earth’s most precious resource. I am reminded of these naturalistic scenes of competition each time I visit Kaleafa on Southeast Woodstock Boulevard. Whether during Saturday brunch or midweek rush hour, lines of customers form from reception through the front door, eventually trickling to crowded flower counters. Above the congestion, a panoply of flat-screen TVs scroll through the more than 40 strains offered, and in an adjoining room, edibles and extracts are served to the thirsty Southeast neighborhood set. A fast-paced shop, Kaleafa isn’t where you’d want to go if you need a deep consultation, but its rotating daily deals are solid, and its extracts are some of the most affordable in town, with prices as low as $22 per gram.