4999 NE 99th Ave., 503-254-9333, 8 am-10 pm daily; 7435 SE 52nd Ave., 503-777-9333, 8 am-10 pm daily, lamota.com.

Among the chain dispensaries that have emerged over the past couple years, La Mota stands out by retaining the feel of a neighborhood pot shop while offering the kind of product variety and quality you get from bigger names. Having begun with medical sales four years prior, La Mota hit the ground running when it came time for recreational weed, and with 11 locations across the state—including two on Portland's eastside—La Mota's selection is consistently exceptional and its facilities are as clean as its logo. You might fork over a little extra cash for the quality, but if you're purchasing less than an ounce, why not treat yourself? Make sure to at least take a whiff of the Banana Cream OG or pick up a couple grams of Sour Tahoe for $40. If you check out the Northeast 99th Avenue location, use Northeast Wygant Street or park at the Shell station on Sandy Boulevard, as it's located on a confusing little cul-de-sac.