Main Street Marijuana

Vancouver’s first recreational dispensary is also Washington state’s highest grossing.

(Courtesy of Main Street Marijuana)
2314 Main St., Vancouver, 360-828-7737, 8 am-11 pm daily.

Vancouver's first recreational dispensary is also Washington state's highest grossing—a fact that becomes obvious when visiting. In an Uptown Village location next to food carts, a brewery and a pizza spot, the store is overflowing with both people and product. A queue of eager customers perpetually snakes through a showroom lined with display cases, which sit under a vividly surreal mural featuring an eagle clutching a bong in its talons. The current menu is a robust 14 pages of flower, edibles, extracts and prerolls; the overwhelming options are made manageable by a team of dedicated budtenders who know the straight dope and are excited to help you navigate strains, dosing and price. Prices top out at around $15 a gram, but if you value quantity over quality, MSM has ounces as low as $89 and features an "Under $10" section on its menu. If you're feeling adventurous, Main Street recently had 2 grams of Moon Rocks for $18, boasting an impressive 35.8 percent THC content. For another heavy hitter, staff recommend the Machine Gun mixed oil-and-kief preroll—available in original or four fruity flavors—with a stunning 34 percent THC. Those who fear the endless crowds can shop online in the privacy of their own homes and pick up in-store.

(Courtesy of Main Street Marijuana)
(Courtesy of Main Street Marijuana)
(Courtesy of Main Street Marijuana)
(Courtesy of Main Street Marijuana)

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