10735 NE Halsey St., 971-803-7172, 8 am-10 pm daily.

Smokers and rollers, this is your shop. Built on the former site of a bank, Paradise Found offers a wide assortment of wrapping papers and a smoke-friendly staff—refreshing to anyone sick of seeing nothing but glass. It's one of a few dispensaries in the area to offer Lucky 7 preroll packs, featuring seven joints of Cinex or Obamacare No. 4 for $40, plus corncob pipes and custom trays for breaking up your stash. There are a whopping 21 different prerolls available at any one time, from Jack Herer to Matsunaka Thunderfuck to Rebel Berry, most of which run around $10. The emphasis leans on indicas, with a few obligatory fruity sativas and interesting hybrids on hand. RITA OLSON.