Workingman's Bud

In Stardawg, you have a uniting of Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg, which results in high THC and a bold diesel smell. It's a very giggly strain.

Sourdubb_Strain-Picks_webSour Dubb
Home Grown Apothecary

As one of the parents of the famed Gorilla Glue line, it shouldn't surprise anyone that this sour-fuel strain of  debated parentage gets as laughy as  it does lethargic. Give Sour Dubb a try if you wanna geek out but don't  like sativas.

Chong's-Choice-Sativa_Strain-Picks_webChong's Choice Sativa
Shango Premium Cannabis

Some sativas enhance the mind. Others intoxicate. Selected by Tommy Chong himself, Chong's Choice Sativa is of the latter set—its 27 percent THC and roaringly loud terpene profile are potent enough to get you through Chong's '70s stoner comedies. |It takes. A village. Of weed.