Fahti Khosrow knows firsthand how desperately speculums need a redesign.

The 47-year-old management consultant and founder of Ceek Women's Health spent three years undergoing fertility treatment while attempting to get pregnant with her first child.

"One thing that really stood out for me was how the pace of innovation has not kept up with what's happening in women's health," Khosrow says. "The speculum is a small part of it. But I want to bring innovation to a space that I thought was neglected."

The instrument gynecologists and other providers currently use for vaginal exams was designed by men 150 years ago and has not changed since. Shaped like a duck's bill, it is large, uncomfortable and made of cold, rigid metal.

The new design Khosrow and her colleagues manufacture addresses all of those problems.

Rather than metal, it is made of a high-density polymer that stays at a neutral temperature and doesn't require lubrication to insert. It is also one size fits all for patients of various sizes and life stages.

The product will soon be available for sale on Ceek's website, direct from field reps, and through two distributors.

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