…or baking cheesecake towers

(Marissa Troeschel, The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition)

…or designing clothes inspired by Cats

(Dayoung Kim, Project Runway)

…or marrying a Russian personal trainer

(Emily Larina, 90 Day Fiancé)

…or competing in a tattoo marathon

(Bob Jones, Ink Master)

…or trying to impress Guy Fieri with his impromptu cooking skills

(Bryant Kryck, Guy's Grocery Games)

…or building a mini amusement park out of Legos

(Mark Cruickshank and Boone Langston, Lego Masters)

…or getting dumped

(Mallory Santic, Love Island USA)

32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)
32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)