Anthony Falco may never be allowed to set foot in Brooklyn again.

In 2018, the "international pizza consultant" and founding chef of Roberta's in Bushwick declared Portland "the greatest pizza city in America," and you could practically hear the chorus of getthefuckouttaheres echoing from the other side of the country.

Quibble with Falco's qualitative assessment all you want, but if Portland's pizza scene isn't the best in the nation, at this point, it might be among the broadest. Damn near any style you can name is represented here—and if it's not, you can safely assume it will be soon.

Detroit (Ranch, Assembly)

Sicilian (Pizza Doughnais)

Pinsa (Montesacro)

New Haven (Apizza Scholls, Gracie's Apizza)

New York (Escape from New York, Baby Doll, Scottie's)

Neapolitan (Ken's Artisan, Pizzeria Otto)

Chicago (The Star, Via Chicago)

Vegan (Secret Pizza Society, Baby Blue)

Pacific Northwest (Lovely's 50-50)

32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)
32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)