Over the years, Blazer fans have come to accept a certain reality of attending a game at Moda Center: You're going to pay at least $10 for beer, and you're going to do it more than once.

It's hardly a unique phenomenon. An arena crowd is the definition of a captive audience, and gouging is unavoidable. What are you going to do? Just not drink when Damian Lillard goes cheat-code and starts climbing toward a new career high?

Last season, however, the managers at Moda finally decided to throw fans a bone—in the form of some sweet, cheap swill.

In 2019, a new concession stand called Low Bar opened quietly on the 300 level. It's the arena's approximation of a dive bar: '80s music on the speakers; pork rinds and Hot Pockets on the menu; odd decorative touches like a stuffed jackalope behind the counter; and, most importantly, a fridge full of 12-ounce cans of Hamm's, Olympia and other domestic lagers for only $4.

Of course, at any true dive, charging that much for less than a pint of Busch Light might cause a riot. In the bizarro world of Moda Center, though, that's practically free.

32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)
32 Reasons to love Portland (wesley Lapointe)