Colorado Sunshine
Eugreen Horticulture

If you require a little mood elevation and extra energy to feel present in the moment, give Colorado Sunshine a try. With the scent of its Bubble Gum father and that flighty Jack Herer bliss, you can almost feel the rays of sun on your eyelids.

Mochi_Gelato_webMochi Gelato
TKO Reserve

The flavor-dense offspring of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Mochi Gelato by TKO Reserve is a Sherbinski-certified rare phenotype of Gelato for those who rely on a calm-but-uplifting high to be at one with the moment.

Cactus_WebCactus (Sativa Pheno)
Devil's Lettuce

A sweet cream-and-mango nose and a hashy flavor are expressed in this recessive sativa phenotype of the oft-indica Cactus, which resulted from a cross of old-school flavors Afghani and Northern Lights. Expect a strong, heady buzz with an elevated mood and a bit of body to keep you grounded.